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Business Members can Join or Renew in one of two (2) ways.
1.) By making a business donation as noted below ($100.00)
2.) Or by providing our members a benefit or discount associated with your business (this option is in lue of the suggested donation, this option has minimal up-front out of pocket expense). We find this option has the most incentive for our members to visit your business, again and again.  NOTE: This Membership option requires a $1.00 transaction fee to process your membership information.

Membership in the "Southwest Florida Blues Society" is the best way to support the blues locally, blues in our schools and education workshops.   Your membership has a number of value added benefits, which includes special invitations to society sanctioned events, all of which are made possible through your membership and support.

The Southwest Florida Blues Society provides a variety of ways you can show your support. As "Individuals", as a "Business", as "Musicians" and simply anyone wanting to "Support Blues Music through Music Education." 

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When you join online your membership will, "No Longer" renew automatically based on your annual registration date.  When your annual membership is due for renewal, you will be notified by e-Mail..

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Special Note: If you feel you can contribute in some way as a staff member or would like to be more directly involved as a board member or officer please include any additional information you feel to be appropriate with your e-mail to;directors@swfbs.org

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