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We will continue to provide you with updates on our participating business who provide "exclusive membership discounts or special incentives".

If you know of a business that would like to offer a discount or special incnetive to our card carrying members please contact a S.W.F.B.S. Board Member with any information you have and we will be glad to follow up with the business owner/mgr.

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We are always looking for a few Volunteers to help at the Blues Society Booth during Special Events and Festivals.  To add you name to the volunteer list please contact, Allen Fiske at, allenf@swfbs.org  "A Few People Helping A Little - Really Helps A Lot"

Special Note: If you feel you can contribute in some way as a staff member or would like to be more directly involved as a board member or officer please include any additional information you feel to be appropriate with your e-mail to;directors@swfbs.org

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